Shedding Some Light On Windows!

Shedding Some Light On Windows!

  • Comparing Vinyl And Wood Windows

    The windows of your home are one of the most important parts of both the interior and exterior design of your home, but also perform an important practical function by blocking out the weather and temperature outside. The type of material that your windows are constructed out of plays a huge role in both the functional and aesthetic characteristics of your window: two of the most common types of window materials are vinyl and wood.

  • 3 Tips To Help You Replace Windows And Sealed Up Air Leaks With Caulking

    Replacement windows can be a good investment to improve the energy efficiency of your home but there are other improvements that need to be done finish them. When you have replacement windows installed you are going to want to update the installation and seal around the cracks with caulking. Here are some tips to help you finish your replacement window project and seal up all the air leaks.  1. Options to improve installation behind existing window casings

  • Potential Things That Can Go Wrong If You Choose To Install Your Own Home Windows

    If you are thinking about buying new windows for your home, you could be thinking about doing the job yourself. Even though this might seem like a good idea, you should know that there are a lot of things that can go wrong. These are just a few of the issues that you could find yourself facing in the event that you choose to install your own home windows. Measuring Incorrectly

  • 4 Benefits Of Installing Impact Windows In Your Business

    You likely have different methods to protect your business, such as insurance and regular maintenance. However, it is a good idea to consider installing impact windows for additional protection. Impact windows are durable and strong, making them resistant to shattering. Check out these four benefits of installing impact windows in your business. They Protect Your Investment Impact windows are made from special glass that makes them much more durable than most windows.

  • A Few Things To Know About Having A Glass Railing On Your Balcony

    Glass railings provide the best view from your balcony. If your condo has a scenic view of the water or twinkling city lights at night, then having a glass railing makes the view even more beautiful. When you're seated on the balcony, your view of the distance is not obstructed like it would be with metal or wood railings. Here are a few things to know about having a glass railing on your condo balcony.

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Shedding Some Light On Windows!

When my wife and I were shopping for our first house a couple of years ago, one of the things that we were sure to pay a lot of attention to was the windows. Windows play an important role in the amount of energy your home uses to stay cool in the summer and warm during the winter. Window technology has come a long way in the last couple of decades and having the right windows can save you money on your monthly energy bills. This blog is here to enlighten you on what's out there and what's best for you and your home.