Shedding Some Light On Windows!

Shedding Some Light On Windows!

  • Ladder Safety Tips To Keep In Mind When You Clean Your Gutters

    As long as you're not uncomfortable with heights, cleaning your own gutters is something that you can get done on your own home. This twice-annual maintenance task will ensure that the gutters work properly by carrying rain water out through your downspouts and away from your home. Doing this job yourself requires that you make safety a priority -- given that you'll be using an extension ladder and standing several feet above the ground.

  • How To Prevent Window Condensation

    Window condensation occurs when there is a difference between the exterior temperature and the temperature within your home. Condensation within your windows is a major concern, as it can raise the overall humidity levels within your home, reducing your comfort level, and can promote the growth of mold and mildew within the window frame, which can be a health concern. Thankfully, there are a number of simple things that you can do to reduce the overall amount of window condensation within your home.

  • Ease Into Winter With Eavestroughing Maintenance

    Before the snow flies and the Canadian winter sets in, there are a few maintenance tasks that should be done to protect your home and ensure its safety until spring. One of these chores involves your homes gutter system, or eavestroughing. Contractors can help you get eavestrough maintenance done before the temperature dips, or you may want to spend a weekend doing it yourself this fall. The following are some ways to ensure the stability and functionality of your home's eavestroughs:

  • Removing And Replacing Window Film: Why You Should Leave It To The Pros

    Window film and window tint are both excellent products for reducing the glare at your business. However, if the window film begins to ripple, peel, or stop protecting your staff from UV rays, you might need to replace it or repair it. Before you take the DIY route, read on to see why you should leave this job up to the professionals. Removing Sticky Residues from Stick-On Films Some window films are backed with adhesives.

  • How To Maintain Stucco Siding

    Stucco siding is an extremely popular siding option that provides a highly durable and aesthetically pleasing shell to your home. However, though it is highly durable, stucco siding still has to be regularly maintained in order to protect the luxurious aesthetic that it provides. Thankfully, stucco maintenance is a fairly simple process that does not take a lot of time with the right tools and knowledge. Cracks Small cracks in stucco siding can develop over time due to your house settling or simply general wear and tear and weather exposure.

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