Shedding Some Light On Windows!

Shedding Some Light On Windows!

3 Tips For Cutting Wall Studs For A New Window

Arthur Menard

If you want to add a window to your space where you don't have one currently, you are going to have to create an opening or frame for your new window. You are going to have to remove the covering for the interior wall, generally referred to as drywall and pull out the insulation. After you do that, you are going to need to cut the old wall studs to create an opening for the window.

#1 Decide Which Studs To Cut

The first thing you need to determine is which studs in the wall you are going to cut. You do not want to cut any weight bearing wall studs, so make sure the wall studs are not weight bearing.

Any beam that goes all the way down to the concrete foundation is a load bearing beam. On the exterior of your home, where you are likely to put a window, most of the beams are going to be load bearing. You don't want to cut into any beams to install your window, just wall studs. You should try to limit the number of wall studs that you cut into.

If possible, try to use some of the wall studs as a frame for your window. For example, if there are three wall studs placed 12 inches apart, use the first one for the edge of the window, cut the middle one, and use the third stud to frame the other side of the window.

#2 Measure Correctly

Second, make sure that you measure correctly. You are going to want to measure where to put your windows starting at the floor. Measure from the floor to where you want the bottom of the window to rest.

When you measure, remember to add in the height for the additional elements of the window. You are going to want to add in the header size, the height of the window jamb, the height of the actual window and about a half inch of wiggle room. This will allow you to accurately see where the window should rest and where to cut the studs.

#3 Make A Clean Cut

When you cut the old studs that are in your way, be sure to make a clean cut. Use a precision saw, and make sure that you cut evenly across the top of the stub. You don't want to cut at an angle or incline. That will leave you with an uneven cut that will make it more difficult for you to install your window. 

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