Shedding Some Light On Windows!

Shedding Some Light On Windows!

Four Tips For Caring For Your Storefront Window

Arthur Menard

Your business's storefront window will be one of the first things that new customers will see of your store. However, the positioning and size of these large windows can make them particularly vulnerable to becoming dirty and dingy due to dust and soot gathering on them. If you are to ensure your customers have a pleasant impression of your business, you will need to utilize some basic storefront window care steps.

Discourage People From Smoking Near Your Store Window

Smoking can produce a large amount of ash and smoke. Unfortunately, these substances can get stuck to your window, which can cause it to appear foggy or faded. Also, this could cause there to be a smoke smell near your window. By preventing individuals from smoking near your storefront window, you can help to eliminate these issues.

Dust The Window On A Daily Basis

At the end of each day, you and your workers will need to do a few routine tasks to close the store. These tasks will usually involve things such as counting the cash register drawer, restocking the shelves and cleaning. During the cleaning phase, you should have a worker thoroughly dust the storefront window. This will remove the pollen and dirt from the glass that may have been blown against it over the day. When dusting the glass, your workers should always use a microfiber cloth. This will prevent the glass from being scratch by abrasive fabric fibers.

Understand The Problems Deicing Chemicals Can Cause

During the winter months, you may need to apply deicing chemicals to the sidewalk in front of your store to keep it safe for pedestrians. These chemicals will be very effective at preventing ice from forming, but they can also cause serious damage to the glass. For this reason, you must practice great caution to avoid letting the deicing chemicals get on your storefront glass. If you accidentally get some of these chemicals on the window, you should immediately rinse it off to minimize the damage that it may cause.

Hire Professionals To Clean Your Storefront Window

Regular maintenance can help keep your storefront window looking clean for longer, but it will eventually become dirty enough to suffer serious cosmetic issues. When you notice that your store window is getting dirty, you should have professionals clean it. While you may assume that you or a worker can use standard glass cleaning products to clean your storefront window, this may not be the best solution. These chemicals can remove the lettering that is often added to these windows. However, professionals will have window cleaning solutions that can effectively remove dirt and streaks from your window without harming this lettering.


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