Shedding Some Light On Windows!

Shedding Some Light On Windows!

Remodeling Your Shower? Door Options Galore

Arthur Menard

When you decide to remodel your shower, you may think that you can only replace your current doors with similar doors. That simply is not so. After all, you are remodeling your shower, so you can make it into whatever you want, and use any of the following options for shower doors.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors rely on a track system. Modern technology has made it possible to create sliding tracks for straight as well as curved doors, so you can create a more interesting shower space and not have to rely on the square shape of your tub or an angular, single stall shower shape. The nice thing about the sliding glass door option is that these are really easy to clean and will never collect mold or mildew like vinyl or cloth shower curtains.

Rounded Glass Showers

Round shower spaces are trendy and trending. They create a more modern and artistic look for your bathroom. Plus, rounded showers can stand alone from bathtub space and the glass can be highly decorative. It may take a little extra work, but you can convert a tiled, square shower stall into a rounded glass shower. The rounded glass doors on these showers often open outward so that you can step in and out easily.

Hinged or No Hinge Doors

Shower doors without hinges are also very popular right now. There are no visible hinges or screws, and these are not sliding doors either. They make for a very dramatic look to your shower. Additionally, there is little chance of pinched flesh when the door is opened or closed.

Hinges are more visible on your shower doors, but they are also very sturdy. If the glass doors you selected for your new shower are especially heavy, you may need hinges to hold the door(s) onto the shower. Thankfully, there are as many decorative hinges for shower door styles as there are shower doors.

No Doors at All

If you are remodeling your shower by turning it into a massive space where people can sit down and get a good steam as well as a good cleaning, you can go doorless. To keep water off of the rest of the bathroom floor, the shower head is often positioned several feet away from the doorway. A large tiled step is built up on the threshold too, so that any water that does head toward the doorless opening cannot spill out onto the bathroom floor.

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