Shedding Some Light On Windows!

Shedding Some Light On Windows!

Ease Into Winter With Eavestroughing Maintenance

Arthur Menard

Before the snow flies and the Canadian winter sets in, there are a few maintenance tasks that should be done to protect your home and ensure its safety until spring. One of these chores involves your homes gutter system, or eavestroughing. Contractors can help you get eavestrough maintenance done before the temperature dips, or you may want to spend a weekend doing it yourself this fall.

The following are some ways to ensure the stability and functionality of your home's eavestroughs:

Clear the leaves and debris.

Leaves and debris can weigh down your home's eavestroughs, which makes them prone to sagging and leaking. Over time, they can break free, which can cause damage to anything and injure anyone in the way. Use a plumbing snake to fish-out any stubborn debris and dirt that accumulates in the troughs.

Install gutter guards.

If you want a clever way to avoid having to snake out your eavestroughs each season, consider investing in gutter guards. These essentially fit over the trough, keeping flying leaves and dirt out while allowing water to run through the system easily. Some newer styles of eavestroughs have fitted metal covers that add a clean look to your home.

Give them a good cleaning.

After you have cleared out the debris, give your gutters a good cleaning with a power washer or high-power garden hose. This is a job that is best done with two people: one standing on the ground watching for areas that may leak, the other standing near the roof line spraying water down the trough segments. Use a little bit of mild detergent to get rid of stubborn soil or stains.

Repair or replace segments of your eavestroughing.

Check each segment of the eavestroughing to ensure there are no loose or damaged pieces. These segments can be restored without having to replace the entire system. Simply attach the new segments using the same screw holes as the old ones to avoid putting more holes in the gutters, which could lead to leaks.

Don't forget about the downspout.

When the water comes down the segments of your eavestroughing, it eventually is pushed out through the downspout. If this spout is clogged or poorly positioned, you run the risk of flooding your basement or crawlspace. Be sure to point it away from your home's foundation, as concrete is porous and the water can seep in through the cement over time and potentially cause property damage.

When your home's eavestroughing fails to function, real problems can ensue. To prevent flooding, damage, and even potential injury, pay some attention and take some time to address your homes eavestroughs. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep them effective at guiding water away from your home, and curb possible moisture damage. For more information, talk to a place like Eagle Eavestroughing.


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