Shedding Some Light On Windows!

Shedding Some Light On Windows!

Removing And Replacing Window Film: Why You Should Leave It To The Pros

Arthur Menard

Window film and window tint are both excellent products for reducing the glare at your business. However, if the window film begins to ripple, peel, or stop protecting your staff from UV rays, you might need to replace it or repair it. Before you take the DIY route, read on to see why you should leave this job up to the professionals.

Removing Sticky Residues from Stick-On Films

Some window films are backed with adhesives. Even if your building's janitorial crew were to carefully remove the films, the windows would be covered in a very sticky residue that only a commercial product can remove. If your janitors were to use anything but the product the window film company uses to remove the residue, it could damage the windows or, as is the case with a utility blade, etch the windows. If you still want to remove the tints yourself, talk to a place like Reflec Tech glass tinting to see which chemicals would work on your windows.

Replacing Clear Window Tint

Glass that was dipped in a window tinting product may need to be re-dipped or replaced after a certain number of years, especially if the window tinting technology on your building's windows is older than a couple of decades. The UV rays eventually break down and bleach out the older coatings, especially if the coated side of the glass was installed towards the outside of the building. Modern tinting and films are installed towards the inside of the building to prevent weatherized decay.

You cannot reapply the window tints used by commercial processes yourself, nor can your janitorial crew find the exact same product in a spray can at the local hardware store. Any windows your building has that have been commercially dip-tinted will need to be removed by the same company that previously did the windows.

Avoiding Shattered or Damaged Glass

If you try to remove or replace any cracks or pockmarks that are being held together by security films, you may inadvertently crack or break the entire pane if you try to remove it yourself. Replacing an entire glass window will cost you more money than having a company repair the minute damage and add new film. This is why most film companies offer professional removal of your old films and windows so that you do not have to worry about damaging any structurally-sound glass. If you are waiting for a company to install the new security film, you can prevent cracks from growing by sealing them with clear nail polish or shellac.


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